Forex-Gemeinschaft rob booker

forex-Gemeinschaft rob booker

He shares his losers as well. Generally the targets are about 15-25 pips for the short term stuff, and anywhere up to 500 pips or more for the longer term trades. But of course if you are an aspiring trading mentor, then he can be your role model. His main source of income is the membership subscription and of course the commissions which he earns through broker affiliate dealings. There's no reason I should have ended up in a position where I had a loss so big I couldn't manage my way out, if I had been following the rules.

However, the equity curve had leveled out and was descending in a steep manner, suggesting that Rob was potentially headed towards blowing this experiment account. Then as time went by, he learned how to do it right. My analysis for the year 2016 shows that Rob was profitable in some months and terribly poor-performing in others. Use 15m charts for daily pivots, 1HR or 4HR charts for weekly pivots and 4Hr or daily charts for monthly pivots.

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The strategy, (and Rob doesn't mind us teaching it to other people if we really want to) is as follows: Get his custom indicators. Never took them seriously because there was nothing in them to digest. In very basic terms, he teaches a simple strategy, and then coaches people to use. This is why people have begun querying Rob Bookers net worth because they honestly dont believe that he made 8 million from nothing. In general he seems like a really nice guy, if sometimes annoyingly enthusiastic. They are fun to hear because you will get a different perspective of how Forex trading is handled. He will happily share how much money he makes from TFL (Trading For a Living) and how much from trading. The idea is to trade very very small, so that a massive move (500 pips for most pairs) would only be a small loss (2-5 giving you ample room to wiggle out of the trade. In the rest of the months, he made very small/insignificant profits. Now, at this point, I wonder why the sharp disparity in pricing. He'll happily give you advice on a trade, even if it's not one of his. How it's worked for me: So far, so good.

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How to Draw Support Resistance.
Just wanted to share my thoughts on a system I thought I d try a few months back: Rob Booker s Trifecta system.
Now, Rob runs the m website, which broadly speaking offers 2 things: The Trifecta course (about 27 all in) and a monthly subscription service to his trade alerts and the community, etc.

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