Forex expert advisor trading-news

forex expert advisor trading-news

Pending trap: This is typical strategy that places two opposite pending stop orders before news release to catch the breakout. The maximum spread - maximum spread to open an order. Can be of the following four types: Buy a buy position.

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No waiting, no missing, no confusing anymore. Can be the following: Breakeven the stop-loss will be moved to breakeven when the profit matches stop-loss. MoneyRisk (default 0) risk tolerance in account currency. Instead, it will open pending orders that will mimic those positions. (0-off) - modification of the order following the price (disabled if 0) Distance - the distance for placing the order Deleting pending orders, sec. If Trailing Stop is set to true, Breakeven Stop parameter forex news Kalender is ignored. Make sure to add the URL to the terminal settings.

Forex News Trader for Metatrader 4

forex expert advisor trading-news