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Benefits Offered by Lithium Ion Batteries

We live at a time when technology is continuously evolving – and fast. We now enjoy so many things that those who came before us could have deemed totally impossible. These include lithium ion batteries. But how exactly does this battery type provide an edge over the rest?

Longer Life Cycle

The process of charging and discharging a rechargeable battery is known as the charge cycle. When you talk about the lifespan of a rechargeable battery, the number of charge cycles is typically more important than the age of that battery. Compared to other battery types, however, lithium batteries have a remarkably longer lifespan. As long as it is well cared for, a lithium battery pack is good for 2000 to 5000 cycles. For other batteries, the maximum is only 1000 cycles. When you use a lithium battery pack, that means your device can function at full capacity for much longer.

High Energy Density

After charging your device, you will of course want it to last as long as possible. We hate batteries that drain too quickly. This is just another side to lithium batteries that users appreciate. Even when a battery is starting to lose power, density will keep it working with no voltage sag, which means it will still work as though it was at 100%. In fact, lithium batteries take a lot less time to charge and can be charged to full capacity more quickly than any other type of battery.

Easy Maintenance

Lithium batteries are basically maintenance-free, which is one of their most important benefits. Unlike the rest, they don’t require periodic discharge. Other batteries may also need some time to “stabilize” to ensure that all cells in the battery are equally charged. Lithium batteries though have their own internal Battery Management System to do this. Hence, lithium battery maintenance essentially requires no more than charging it and storing it safely. Moreover, these batteries are popular for having fewer placement problems than the others.

Little Wasted Energy

Efficiency is yet another aspect of lithium batteries that makes them stand out – almost 100% with each charge! That means you can use nearly each drop of charge that is stored into them. Even when temperatures drop, lithium batteries can still maintain this charge. If you’ve used other types of batteries, you know that this is not always possible.

We are now at a point where electronic devices have a huge role to play in our day-to-day lives. This is why it’s important to ensure that these devices are always working for us in the best ways possible, such as with reliable, long-lasting lithium batteries. Lastly, it’s worth nothing that these batteries are actually more cost-effective than the others, so that is another significant benefit that can be expected.

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